March 24th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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I am so craving some Ben-cuddling right now.

I'm starting to think that maybe it isn't just luck that makes it so that I've never failed a class or, well, dropped a class (except for Music Theory, sophomore year, and dropping down a math lane freshman year, both of which I probably didn't HAVE to do -- I mean the kind of dropping where it's like "ahh I'm going to fail!" or something). Maybe I'm always mentally aware of how far I can push my procrastination, or how little effort I can put into studying for a test. For all the procrastinating and slackering I did this quarter, my lowest grades were B+'s, and I'm pretty damn happy with that. My lowest grade ever was a C-, 70.1%, in AP Psych sunior year, and that wasn't even subconscious planning, that was entirely conscious. I constantly kept track of my grade in the class and (thankfully) noticed when my teacher accidentally forgot to enter in a few important assignments I actually did do. I don't think I could have failed. It just goes to show that my parents are dorks. I do just fine. Why are they always freaking out? "Shiranne, you're going to fail!" "You came to college to learn, not to play guitar!" "I don't understand why we're paying for this!" :) Yay!

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