June 21st, 2005

gotou masafumi

boring update

our room is lookin' so hot right now with the bunked beds and the cool floorplan, so of course the r.a. has to come in and tell me that maybe we're not allowed to bunk them... psh. maintenance said we could. we'll see.

my roommates pretty awesome and the kids on the floor are pretty cool (sooo much nerdier than stevenson kids... man... might just be the summer schooling thing, though). i'd forgotten how nerdy i can be. it's nice to be a little dorky, though.

life is good, you know?

i lost my i.d. on the first day here. i might have to pay $20 to get a new one. i hope i/someone find/s it sometime soon though, so that i don't have to.

9/10 dining hall food is AWFUL! so much for being excited about THAT! nobody's around during the summer, and it's not the same people working, and hardly any of the little booth things are open, and there's barely any vegan food, and the veggie stuff sucks. i should have a bagel with hummus so that i feel happy.

got a bunch of new music from a kid down the hall. our floor is so musical... every other person plays guitar. it's insane. i mean, there were tons of guitar players at stevenson, but not like THIS.

time to watch some lame butt mtv. woo hoo.