August 24th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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NOMG! haha no my god no no no no!! hahaha NOMG NOMG NOMG i can't find a PLACE TO LIIIIIIVE!!! the world is hatinghatinghating me!!!!!! NOMGNOMG! hahahaha no it's not funny! NONO! NOMG! no MG! no FORCE OF GRAVITY! no WEIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

i can't find a place to live!!!

the world hates me!!!!!

i haven't slept since a while ago!!!!!

it's like high school all over again except im' way more cracked out than i've ever been before!!!

i guess it's cause i haven't done this properly in so long... oh it feels so good...... hahahaha NOMGNOMG

i went to class but then i hella don't know what happened! and i dooon't think i was SLEEEPING i think i was there but i odn't know what was happening when i was there and i remember a lot of confusion and wondering about the tiiiiime. and before that i was outside but i was too scared to wakl into class late so i stood outside and listened to the lecture against the wall and i FELL ASLEEP OMG OMG OMG NOMG NOMG NOMG no MG no MG no MG!!!!!

where am i going to live?!? places are like "yes it'll be... $1900 for 2 bedrooms" and so we're like shitshit that's a lot and then they're like "wait no you want a school year lease? (DUH) okay it's $1950" and then they're like "okay wait no it's $2000" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hhahahaahahahahaah it's not funny! NOMG! they change prices depending on how long you rent! i'm MOVING! i can't be here forever! and i need a nice place because my parents are like GHETTOS=BAD except it's NOOOOOT ghetto it's FINE and they're just like ick ick liquor store ick ick i odn't know i guess it's not NICE but i'ts not tooo bad like wtf? and then we want close to campus but close to campus is freaking expensive as hell like $2200 for 2 bedrooms!!! ahhhhh!!! and then there's all the cheap places that HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR 3 PEOPLE JUST FINE and are just like NO BITCHES, WE DON'T WANNA GIVE YOU THE HOUSE, WE WANNA RISK OUR MONEY AND MAKE FEWER PEOPLE PAY MORE!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! everyone's like "we want 3 people not 4" or "2 people not 3" or blah blah not what we want depending on the price and things are too much and i can pay a lot and i care where i live but the other girls care less about the where and more about the money so it's like WHATT???? WHATTTT do i DOOOOO???? hahahahaha i'm a looooser!!!!!!!!!!!!