August 31st, 2005

gotou masafumi


Unrelated to post: Enough is enough. I'm downloading Casablanca and that's that.

I had a really good flight, actually. I wasn't harrassed ONCE. Nobody asked me ANY questions about my trip or anything. Surprising, actually. Somehow a 17 year old travelling alone is less suspicious than a family.

I saw my house yesterday! (We're rebuilding/remodeling/whatevering our house here in Israel, and it's awesome. It'll probably be finished in a few months.) My room is SOOOO cool! I have this crazy round wall thing and half of my room has a really high ceiling that's interesting and tilted. I knew about the wall but I didn't realize my ceiling would be so exciting! I LOVE exciting ceilings! ESPECIALLY after living in box-rooms for the last year. So, yeah. My room is amazing. Right now it's a little... uhh... dirty. It has a big bag of clay in the middle of it, actually, and wooden stakes everywhere, but it's still distinctly beautiful. The other rooms are also insanely cool. My sister's room is CRAZY insanely cool, actually. She has this LOFT thing. And again, I knew about the loft, but I didn't realize how big it was! It's the kind of loft you can STAND UP in! It's not just a bit of crawl space! So yeah. Super cool. And my brother's room is at the top of the house, overlooking... well... other houses. But it's got the roof tilty thing and it's cool and I don't know how to describe it, no. It's just awesome. My parents' room is boring... It seems super small, too, because they have normal ceilings, unlike the three of us. Anyway, it's an awesome house. I'm way excited.

I saw my cousins yesterday too, and that was crazy awesome. The little one (Itamar) totally doesn't remember me, but he'll start liking me soon enough... Muahahahaha... And he talks now, too! So THAT's exciting. Yoav TOTALLY remembers me and missed me and everything. Apparently he's been asking for me all summer. :) When Meytal was in Israel she said he kept asking where I was and why I wasn't here. :DDD He reminds me SO much of Hadar. Okay, okay, I'm YOUNGER than Hadar, and I was a toddler when Hadar was Yoav's age, but maybe it's the videos we have or that I do actually remember, because they are SOOOO exactly the same. And Itamar reminds me of me... It's about the same age difference between them...

It's hot. I didn't think it would be THIS hot. I guess I should have... um... thought about it. >.< I brought appropriate clothes, though, so no worries there. And watch me buy more clothes. I mean, what else is Israel for?

I get to see Hadar in three days. I'm so excited. Three days. Three days. Three days. If he doesn't get out, I'll cry.

I wish my grades would go up already. I have NO idea how they'll turn out...
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