September 5th, 2005

gotou masafumi

funny video in Hebrew translated by.... me :)

Okay. So. I have this really funny clip in Hebrew from this Israeli show that I believe can still be reasonably funny even if you don't speak Hebrew. But, of course, you would need some kind of translation. So I decided I'd give you one.

Go to and play the video in Windows Media Player. (By the way, this link won't work. You'll have to copy/paste the site address. Angelfire is just that friendly.)

Now listen, you have to turn the subtitles on yourself!!!!!! If you're on a PC you can change it by going to "Play" (on the upper menu thing, where "File" is) and then going to "Captions and Subtitles" and then selecting 'Subtitle' as your subtitle.

Simple enough.

Pleeease go watch it? I'm just so excited that I managed to do it.