September 19th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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Hey kids, I moved in to my new apartment. Pictures will come soon (my digital camera decided to start working again!). Only Tziporah is there (Sarah isn't moving in until Tuesday, so it's quiet and shtuff. I like my room... especially it's singless. :D This will be an interesting year.

I'm on-campus right now, sitting in my car, parked in 10-minute parking (it's been about 10 minutes... but screw the world, I'm not moving. But I ain't getting out of this car neither.) See, I hella don't have internet at home. Actually, we don't have a phone yet (and we are in dire need because reception is pretty smellyishly non-existent). That's part of the reason I'm online, to set up a phone line. Anyway, I won't be online much the next week or so until we get the internet set up.

In the meantime I'm sitting here starving off my tuchus, because we don't really have food at home and I hoped that I could get a hold of someone on campus to swipe me in and feed me, just for lunch now, but I can't seem to get a hold of people (/Amy won't swipe me in... loooser) and it wouldn't help even if I DID find someone because I can't find any free meter parking! I'll try to call Tristan and then maybe give up. But Tristan's on the other side of caaaampus.... *whinewhinewhine* Poo.

Allyson, what's your phone number? Can I come stalk your dorm sometime? Can I steal your food? :D
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