September 23rd, 2005

gotou masafumi

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I lerv my edjewmakashun.

Racquetball last night was superfun, even though I felt bad for ignoring Eric (muahahah.. sucks fo' him). I beat some guy 15-6 - on my first day! I feel so... intermediate! :D Intermediate > beginner!

My new chinese teacher is soooo cute! OMFG! I thought Chinese would suck major butt holes this year, but even if she doesn't end up being as cool as Keenan (and she might - she has the potential!) Chinese this year is still going to be a lot of fun. She only talked to us in Chinese (unlike Keenan, who taught everything in English) and I was so surprised by how much I actually understood! I could pretty much follow all the instructions she gave us and everything she explained. She spoke less English than Kamikihara-sensei and Masuda-sensei used to speak! And she complimented me on my good Chinese and she didn't have to correct me once. :) She corrected basically everyone else at one point or another. Muahahaha. WINNN! I hope she doesn't find out how much my Zhong-guo-zi suck. I am lame and I cannot write. :(

Syntax is going to be insane but somuchfun. My professor is the cutest Asian-American-hippie-ish professor evar. I hella wanted to like, hug her. Tee hee. Or maybe we should just go hug trees together. Or syntacticians. Tee hee hee.

All that's left is Calculus. I don't expect it to be something amazing because I know nothing about the professor, and it's just so easy to be a crappy math teacher. It's good that a lot of it will be review for me, because I haven't taken math in about a year and a half. (And by the way, that's a LONGASS time. The next longest time was about... two months.) So it's fear and excitement for that one.

I so have flat tires on my bike. Gotta go get 'em fixed. My butt keeps hurting.
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So math class seems cool too. My professor is totally cute and he has a hawt accent (some European accent). He amused me. It's the first day and five minutes into the class he's already in the middle of a lecture. In my other classes we had a bit of intro-ing and syllabus-reviewing before the lecture, but I guess this guy is not much of a syllabus guy... Whatever. I always thought that syllabus-reviewing was a waste of time. I have a lot of faith in my ability to read.