September 28th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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Stolen from a comment evilbananaslug made in ucsc_chatter.

How many Kresge students does it take to change a lightbulb?

Four: one to knit a new one, two to protest because they liked the old one better, and one to paint a mural explaining how it's better to sit in the dark because large corporations are evil and they kill trees and eat babies.
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gotou masafumi

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I took a campus shuttle around campus today and I found another disturbing indication that I know way too many people at UCSC.

Out of the 6 regularly populated bus stops (I don't count the two stops that nobody ever uses, especially in the direction we were going in) I passed while on the shuttle, I saw 7 people I know (not just by face - I know these people better than most acquaintances).

Bus stop #1: (1) Stevenson housemate waves at me from bus stop, (2) Stevenson housemate comes onto my shuttle
Bus stop #2: (3) Summer floormate (now an lj friend) doesn't hear me call out
Bus stop #3: (4) 1st-year ex-Paly student notices me as I notice her and waves
Bus stop #4: (5) Summer housemate notices me as I make faces at him and stick out my tongue
Bus stop #5: (6) Hillel Rabbi comes onto my shuttle
Bus stop #6: Unpopulated bus stop
Bus stop #7: Unpopulated bus stop
Bus stop #8: I get off the shuttle and see (7) a close friend from Stevenson

Then I went home and died from suffocation, arachnophobia, and suffocation that was almost really scary.