October 1st, 2005

gotou masafumi

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There's this Rule that says that I can't like anybody that likes me, and the person I like can never like me back. I hate the Rule.

Other than that, though, life has been excellently exciting. The last two weeks have been pretty wonderful. School is hard but good. Syntax is so much fun. And it looks like I'm not going to take 15 units after all! I'm tutoring Hebrew 1 students for an extra 2 units! Beats getting a job. I like tutoring and I don't actually need any money.

I love my house and my housemates. I love a more populated Santa Cruz (summer was so boring!). I don't love the bus strike that's been going on in Santa Cruz (screwing over about 20,000 people daily) but I do love how much UCSC students are bonding over how screwed they are. People go around asking other people if they need rides, strangers sit and complain to each other about the classes they've missed and the money they've spent on taxis. I'm starting to find the whole "I'm smushed against you on a campus shuttle and it's super duper hot and airless in here" experience amusing rather than frustrating (I'm just getting used to it).

And yesterday afternoon I finally met Mister Mark that I met through Miss Sonya on the internet. Very exciting. Face-knowing = goodness. Now I'm off to see Corpse Bride at the drive-in with my roommates! More excitement! Goodbye!