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October 9th, 2005 - o.0 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
שירן shiranne シラーン 冉施安

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October 9th, 2005

tee hee.. [Oct. 9th, 2005|12:15 am]
שירן shiranne シラーン 冉施安
[mood |sicksick]

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Jys20KsO [Oct. 9th, 2005|02:46 am]
שירן shiranne シラーン 冉施安
[mood |sicksick]

Okay, wtf. You know those "what's this say?" things that you get when you sign up for stuff online, to make sure you're not some computer program trying to spam the world? Okay, why did it take me FOUR TIMES TO WRITE IN THE RIGHT RANDOM SEQUENCE OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS!??!?! I understand that it's meant to ward off them evil computer programs, but I'M HUMAN AND I COULDN'T FIGURE IT OUT!!! They put LINES all over it!! How am I supposed to tell what it says!?!?!?
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