October 19th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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and i like someone and it's annoying because i don't even understand how it happened in the first place and it's distracting and it's not going away and i'm enjoying it and that's no good. i don't have time to enjoy things right now. i don't have time to be distracted right now. i don't have time to be posting right now. i won't have time to sleep [much] tonight.

and i don't have time to think, but i keep doing it anyway.

the other day my professor told me that i should drop her class and take it in the winter...
and i was like: hell no.
and she was like: stupid words.
and i was like: go away.
so i did.

and no, i'm not dropping her class. what the hell. there is no reason i should fail that class.