November 5th, 2005


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So I guess I'm a Linguistics major, it was just scary to think that I have so little time to decide. And recently I decided instead of premed I'll go for the Biology minor, because it's like, premed + 3 classes, which is a hawt way to get some recognition for a crapload of work.

But like... I don't know. After having so much trouble with shtuff this quarter I'm worried that maybe I don't know what the hell I want. I love Syntax, and I love Linguistics. I loved Intro, I've loved everything I've done relating to Linguistics, I love LANGUAGES!!! But allofasudden I don't feel as sure as I did two months ago, and I don't feel as safe going ahead and declaring my major as Linguistics. And I know I can always change it and it's not that hard, but it's just stressy to realize that the moment I actually need to decide something important in my life is the moment I'm starting to doubt it!

I feel so off-track, lately..

Maybe I should start running again. (Haha track hahaha!) Of course, I don't think I can run at all in my current weightgainity... Le blah.
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I am gettig a monkey for Eric for Christmas.

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