November 16th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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I have goals in life and things so if I'm going to run around and be like "OMG NOES A B" then I have a right to do that. If I want to get into Medical School then my parents are as right as I can't stand them right now, and I need good grades. And getting B's in important mathy sciencey classes or getting B's in the core classes for my major is dumbdumbdumbdumb.

And all I want to do right now is complain and cry and sleep or something but instead I'm confused and sad with Eric and happy with online-Amy because she talked to me.

The thing is, I don't actually have any friends anymore. I sit online and pretend that onlining is the same thing as hanging out, when just that bit of fun yesterday is enough to show me what I'm missing out on. Thank you Mark and Sonya, for being hot and amusing. I had the most fun I've had all quarter. I like how stupid I sound around people I like.

I like how radiated my hand gets from being on my computer so much. Or warm. Or something. I'm going to say it's cancer. I like how cancerous my hand gets from eating too many babies.

Sleep time.

Oh, and by the way, I'm actually a failure. Like, not just a B failure, even though that's no good too. Way worse than B-failuring. Wanna guess how I did on my math midterm? Don't. It hurts.

I'm hurting. My stomach is hurting. It's hurting all the time. The dairy isn't helping.

I should clean the bathroom. Sleep time.
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