November 28th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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So, I got my pictures from Longs Drugs yesterday, 6 months after I sent them in. Obviously the one and only picture of me and Jessenia in the roll from Stevenson HAD to be the one picture that totally messed up, but whatever. :D You can see our faces... twice... I'll post some of the Paly Graduation pictures when I get home. I'm not on my computer right now.

I'm starting to get really worried about math. I guess that's a good thing. Maybe I'll actually start studying?

I really need to sleep more. I'm so prone to angst when I'm sleep deprived. And it's not that I can't just start my homework earlier and sleep more. I just don't.

Somebody slap me, punch me, toss me against a wall, laugh at me and spit in my face. It'd be funny. I'd laugh too. :)

What a boring post...

This song is amazing. AMAZING. As is the new ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION single. Gotou-love.

I don't want to go home tonight... I don't even feel like I'm living in Santa Cruz anymore... It's like I visit Santa Cruz to go to classes, but I really just live in Palo Alto. I haven't spent a weekend in Santa Cruz in four weeks, and I might be forced to go home again this weekend. Three weekends ago: My mom is about to leave to Israel/came back from Israel (she's in Israel all the goddamn time these days). Two weekends ago: I go home so that my dad and my sister don't have to stay home alone. Last week: My sister's birthday party. This weekend: Thanksgiving... And now my mom is coming back so it's like, go home! See her! But that would mean that I wouldn't spend a Shabbat in Santa Cruz in like, two MONTHS.

How is it that some people won't see their families for years at a time and I'm not allowed to be away from mine for more than two weeks? Since I came to Santa Cruz I haven't gone 10 days without seeing at least one member of my family. It's not that I don't want to see them... it's just... Why do they want to see me so badly...? Okay, I'm whining about this too much. End of post.
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