December 1st, 2005

gotou masafumi

you know what i want?

i wanna drink hella coffee and stay up like all night and learn a lot of math and wake up tomorrow and be like HOLY SHIT I KNOW MATH and go to my syntax class party thing because we have nothings to learn no moreses and then feel really sleepy at 11 and take a nap and then wake up by 2 (omg... hopefully) and then go to math class and be like HOLY SHIT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE LIKE, EVER THIS QUARTER I KNOW WTF YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT and maybe i don't need to know EVERYTHING yet but like, i should know the recent stuff because that's what's really going to be on the final anyway so yeah crack is bad, i have class, my brain feels insane right now and sometimes i'm just like, dude, no more studying, just boy. okay. watch me not be surprised when i fail. hahahaha yeeeeahhh ;)

someone go to the drive-in with me. i nEEEd to go to the drive-in. i love the drive-in.

ugh i'm soaking wet. squishy shoes. squishsquish.

when i come back to santa cruz everyone i know is going to be gone... and everyone i know in palo alto is going to be HELLA gone, incLUDing my family. shiiiiiit.

i don't want my period right now. wtf. laterlater.
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