December 27th, 2005

gotou masafumi

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I'm having fun! :D

We went by the house again today, and they put in a Collapse ). (I like it sooo much omgomg.) Check out the Collapse ) from the roof of our house! I also got to climb in and out of the pit by the window of our bomb shelter/guest room. (That probably didn't make much sense... Moving on...)

Then I got to Collapse ) a little more withOUT stalling the car! Ahh... I love that car. As shitty and old as it may be, I really really love that car. It's pretty fun to drive too, once you get used to all the... umm.. issues.

Then, tonight, I went to a Collapse ) to see my dad's friend play in a Jazz band. A non-Kosher supermarked, I might add. The workers were wearing Collapse )! Weeeeird... The music was awesome though. Their first number was a Hannukah song all jazzified!!! It was the cutest thing EVARR. It was a little hard to pay attention to the band some of the time, though, with the Collapse ) on this tv screen right above them... A little distracting. And my dad got me Collapse ), and then I somehow managed to convince him to get me Collapse ) too. Good times. I love this country. Muahahaha. I should go to sleep. :)
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